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Thinking About the Men in Your Life- Best Gifts for Groomsmen/Fathers

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming when thinking about all the layers on and leading up to your big day. Besides the typical big choices, such as venue, catering, music, ceremony, there are lots of other small details that can be difficult or overwhelming to keep track of. Something people often overlook is gifts for groomsmen or for fathers. What should you or your groom get for the important men in his life that are there to support him on his big day? How much should you spend on these types of gifts? As a general rule of thumb, people tend to spend around 10-15% of whatever the wedding costs are to the groomsmen. For example, if they need to pay for renting a tuxedo and for their share of travel accommodations for a Bachelor party, it might be worth factoring these costs in when purchasing a gift. However, this is definitely not a hard-fast rule. The most important thing to remember is that you don’t need to break the bank, but rather focus on gifting something memorable, special, and useful. Here is a list of great gift ideas for groomsmen and fathers. 

  1. Cufflinks- Cufflinks are a great way to complete an outfit for the wedding day. Gifting cufflinks, especially personalized cufflinks, are something memorable that can also be used on the wedding day and beyond. For something more sentimental, check out these cufflinks with meaningful, heartfelt messages. 
  2. Barware- Some nice new whiskey glasses, a cocktail making kit, flask, beer glasses and more! There’s lots to choose from here, and can be customizable depending on what your groomsmen or father prefers.
  3. Custom coolers– These can be great for the Bachelor party, and can also get a lot of use for years to come in the summertime or for vacations. 
  4. Toiletry bags- These custom toiletry bags can be great if you’re traveling for the wedding or Bachelor party, and again can be used in occasions beyond the wedding. 
  5. Bottle of whiskey (or preferred alcohol of choice.) A great gesture for those men in your life who appreciate a nice drink. 
  6. Socks- everyone can use a good pair of socks! Check out these fun Father of the Bride socks. 

A perfect place for these types of gifts is Boitee de Marie! Boitee de Marie by TMW is an online personalized gift store, where you can customize your own gift boxes for bridesmaids, groomsmen, family, and friends. BDM has everything from sweet treats, wedding emergency kits, bridal accessories, and so much more. It is a great place to create those personalized, meaningful gifts, not only for your groomsmen and fathers, but anyone else involved in the wedding. 

If you need help with wedding planning, either full or partial planning, or want help making sure your big day runs smoothly, TMW Productions has you covered! If you’d like more information regarding wedding planning services, click here to learn more about what TMW’s team can do for you.

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